The potential in sales automation is enormous: applying a good sales method for any product or service can provide great results. The main goal should be to comprehensively analyse the potential customers’ behaviour and offer the best option for them. And the best part is that the RPU can be increased independently from the complexity of the decision-making process, because with sales automation you can reach customers who aren’t reachable with the existing resources.

But how can you automate your sales?

The first problem is that although big companies own serious permission treatment services, and can afford expensive CRM software like SAP, Pardo, etc., they have staff for every separate process and Salesforce consultants for the optimization. Smaller businesses don’t have the capacity or resources for these, at all. They must find the best free or cheap software to be able to compete. The question is obvious: how can a small company earn sales automation results similar to those of the big guys?

Even “one man army” businesses should have comprehensive contact following systems and the highest sales automation available. Most missed opportunities could be reached with a well-configured follow-up system. You should follow-up every time! That’s why lots of templates are needed, so you can mass-personalize them and send to multiple recipients.

Being able to automate the signing of documents ( and the sending of contracts ( and link them with a cloud-based invoicing software could help you achieve serious progress. You can find such services in the Salesforce shop, sure, but this is expensive, and almost every automation process is covered with a free/cheap alternative. So if you are sneaky you can afford the highest quality services for a low price.


Email automation? It’s more effective than you think!

You can multiply the usual responses to your emails by inserting a reminder system into the mailing process (, With this software, you can send emails automatically, and if any of the recipients don’t answer, they will get additional pings—configured by you—so your important messages won’t get lost in their mailbox.

The main goal every time should be simplicity and the possibility of integration. You should be able to integrate a comprehensive observation system into your well-functioning mailing process. Because if the customer is already on your pricing page, the system can send him a friendly message with the positive attributes of the product. After getting such a targeted message, the customer will be more likely to buy something from you.

Another good example could be this one: if somebody is a regular reader of your blog, but didn’t see the last post for three days, you can send them a little message about the new article. These opportunities are endless! It’s clear that there is a lot of untapped potential in the field of sales automation, and the early birds will get the worm!