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One of our favorite partners, Shiwaforce.com Zrt, approached us to discuss if we could cooperate in their StartUp Project called Karma Platform. In late 2012, Karma already had received its seed investment and also an early stage round. It was facing the international market and had to create a business plan that shows clear paths of execution, positioning, scaleability. After a month of discussion and rounds Peter was the chosen one to lead the business development plan team.
As a result of months of work a change in name and concept is as followed: Businesses were born in spreadsheets and will grow atKarma. Being agile, Karma is rigid and flexible at the same time – just how the user needs it. It can adopt right to the organization’s needs.
Karma is the Prezi of Excel. The core focus of this agile magic box is to turn spreadsheets into business apps and simplify complex everyday workflows. Breaking out of the prison of vertical and horizontal cells, taking administration to the next level – as Prezi did with presentations.
Karma’s key benefits are:
Social Effectiveness: Making collaboration as easy as commenting on a Social Network
Mobile Freedom: Access data on any device any time
Local Accessibility with consultation Service: atKarma adjusts to any cultural need and serves as a helping hand
Peace of Mind: Fool proof with built-in Backup
Feel of Control: Have more time & money to other important things
Gift of Optimization: Every single atKArma app is automatically created in a lightning speed based on your particular needs. The app service that simply fits users
This is just the beginning and we cannot wait to see where the journey leads atKarma.

Date: October 21, 2015

Category: Strategic Consulting