We’re dedicated towards our fashion projects. FURLA is a true love project.

Furla is 100% Italian – in history and spirit. Founded in 1927, it is the only brand in the fast-growing premium segment. As one of the major global players in the leather goods market, Furla stands for quality, a colorful creativity, joyfulness

and a Contemporary Italian Lifestyle.

In Hungary they’re operating with franchise system and there are 2 stores.


We started our complex agency work for them in 2014. We continuously building up the strategic elements resulting in both medium and long term profit realization.

Let us highlight one of our most successful project, which was a Black Friday promotion. Furla came to us with a problem. They were doing OK with sales and churn. We thought if we put ourselves on top of that, we could make a difference. We put our heads together, conducted studies and came up with a strategy with one simple change. We were able to identify more specific target groups, understand what they want, and speak to them. The result made a huge difference.

We developed a custom web app to find out Which FURLA bag fits you best?


The User Experience was the following:

  1. Quick Intro (acquisition)
  2. Authentication with Facebook Login (activation)
  3. Result Page with a shareable short description of personalized recommendation (referral)
  4. Incentive using a voucher with discount and a gift keychain above a certain amount of spending. (revenue)

After the campaign AARRR analysis, the result we realized was 250% profit.

Our another activities includes:

  • Digital marketing strategy creation for the Hungarian market
  • Continuous alignment with the Italian HQ
  • Content marketing management
  • Local content generation
  • Supporting the sales of the two Hungarian Furla store- ROI focus
  • Client-centric loyalty system
  • Integrating a data mining system (SpringTab)
  • Creative event planning

Date: December 19, 2016

Category: Strategic Consulting