Friday Favorites || Weekly VLOG

Thanks for coming to my VLOG’s signing up page. I’m excited to share a new experiment of my life. 

Every Friday, I send out an email for this closed list with a cca 10 minute video of the most interesting things I’ve found, explored or experienced that week.

It could include blog posts, articles, books, TED Talks, gadgets, music, movies, quotes, smart habits or routines, hacks, events I attend, thoughts by people I talked to, and — needless to say — any sort of cool stuff I came across in this funny game called life.

The format starts with the VLOG, then the highlights of the mentioned topics with links. Simple is that.

So please sign up!

An important note: this is an experiment. If you are reading this it could mean two things: 1) you are part of that trusted circle that I shared this with via my email signature and I’m really keen to get early feedbacks or 2) there is some SEO or WoM magic and you wound up here 🙂 Either way, keep in mind that I’m a newbie and learning this. So what it means for you that every week I’m gonna circle back for feedbacks. Ask questions in video and I will heavily rely on the feedback I get. Think of this as a closed beta-tester group.

If you’re up for it and signed up, it would mean the world to me!

Let the journey begin!

Also, don’t forget to go on YouTube and enable notifications

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