What if? I asked myself what if I could bo back in time… I had my birthday last week. Getting older means, on a level, to revaluate old habits and things in my life. This year I looked at my digital footprint and information sources and realized that it is so clutered and I have so many irrelevant feed from my past. Unfollow people fast. Things that used to be interesting for me 10 years ago but not anymore. Also, my filtering got pretty good and improved over the years.

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So even though I cannot go back in time, I can use my current knowledge and rebuild my digital information stream from the ground up. I unfollowed everything and everyone on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter, I unsubscribed from all my email newsletters — only leaving a few, favorite sources. I did it almost 2 weeks ago and have been building it up from the scratch.

I realized some instant wins:

  • Spending less time on my social streams, since I get the good content almost instantly
  • I don’t have FOMO if I don’t see something and I’m happy with it
  • General mindset and mood is lifted.

So I can only recommend it to you as well. Share your tips and experience in the comment!

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